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Tsunami Rehabilitation Knowledge Resource Center

The Tsunami Rehabilitation Knowledge Resource Center is the central repository of information for the Regional Resource Centers. It is an interactive platform, serving as both a library for data and a forum for communication and collaborative effort. It is a virtual hub for the collection and sharing of knowledge, dissemination of best practices, and development of consensus.

The Knowledge Center exists in two locations, a physical office and a virtual office in the form of a website. Currently the office in Auroville is open and there is an ongoing collection of data. The website is under construction and aiming at going online in the beginning of April.

By providing a single, central location on the web for tsunami reconstruction information, it is supposed to foster better coordination among the NGOs working in the field, and better coordination between the NGOs and the government, corporates, volunteers, individual donors, and donor agencies. This website will collect project information from all NGOs working on reconstruction efforts, including frequent status reports, thereby creating transparency and the basis for better coordination.

At present, development is underway for Regional Resource centers. The Auroville RRC is contributing expertise in:

Many organizations are working on reconstruction –sometimes in concert, sometimes independently. By obtaining a comprehensive understanding of which NGOs are working on which projects in which areas, it is hoped that resources can be shared, effort can be become collaborative, and duplication can be avoided.

The Knowledge Center is organized by Prashant…, a planning coordinator.