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ACDC Auroville Coastal-Area Development Centre

The Auroville Coastal-area Development Centre (ACDC) is a non-governmental organisation based in Auroville, an international township in Tamil Nadu, South India . ACDC aims to empower people at the grass-roots level through social and economic programmes, and to provide coordination, advocacy and knowledge dissemination at regional non-governmental and governmental levels.

ACDC was established in response to the December 2004 Tsunami as the Auroville Tsunami Relief & Rehabilitation Project (ATRRP). For nearly two years, relief and rehabilitation activities were carried out, with projects focusing on the most vulnerable communities that were affected by the Tsunami. Over time, however, other "indirectly affected" populations from the surrounding areas were included as well. In this way, ACDC's approach gradually widened from Tsunami relief and rehabilitation activities to overall development work.

Today ACDC funds and implements projects in the local villages of the Auroville bio-region. The areas of focus include: Livelihood, Environment, Community Institution Building , Knowledge Building and Shelter & Infrastructure.

ACDC website: www.acdcindia.org