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June 01, 2001

On the first of June, 9 people joined this last session before the summer break. A few people will be out of station for a couple of months and the Circle will start again in August.

Those attending regularly or at times have been among others: Supriti, Bankim, Lalit, Helmut, Kathryn, Gloria, Piero, Alan, Dominique, Ann, Janet, Gundolf, Peter A., Paulette, Felix, Jean of Djaima, Kathy. Mr. Dattatrai attended once.

The topics for this session was the process and method of the circle, its relation to the Masterplan organisation and Lalit's paper published in AVNews, 26th May '01.

Without a clear objective in terms of life-quality, defined in all its aspects, development is bound to become merely an outer shell. We are planning for social and cultural interaction as much as for buildings. A city is a pattern of relations between all kinds of things. The purpose of the Circle is to look at this texture. What does it contain to make it 'successful' (or not so) to the daily experience of the people living in the city? To arrive at 'objective' conclusions, studies need to be conducted in an impersonal spirit. It is an educative process. No blueprint can be applied as a solution. The methodology to build scenarios is an approach by which it is possible to learn more about physical and social etc. Consequence, and at the same time get a healthy distance to the various ideals that we all, in one way or another, have projected on the future.


"...to take the Master plan work further and detail our action..." as Lalit proposes in the Interactive Facility paper, implies also a further elaboration of the aim that we set before us to realise. Once our aim is clear, we can look at different ways of achieving it. To prepare a ' Built Environment Plan crystallising the City Image, Densities...' as is further stated, would mean to transform the aim into a city-structure synchronising all aspects to become a working whole. It seems too early to think of such a plan without at least first analysing different scenarios. The Study Circle will continue to gather qualities that can make up some proposal for 'Aims and Objectives'.


In relation to the Masterplan organisation, it was felt that it is essential that the Circle remains independent to follow its own approach, and select issues according to its method of working. It is clear that all efforts in the field of planning in the community have a natural place in the work on the Masterplan.

The psychological aspect of the planning process was felt to be of decisive importance.


for the Study Circle team

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