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April 19th, 2002

At the session on the 19th of April we inquired into what could be the role of the study circle in the times to come.

To briefly sum up the essence of our sessions thus far, one can say that we have been trying to evaluate various urban structures and their effect on the everyday life of people - in what way and for what purpose they condition the movement of people, sustainably or not; how they encourage or discourage encounters and associations between people and what creates variation or monotony in the built form and open spaces.
Furthermore, what constitutes the unifying character of the city when it creates a living wholeness where a diversity of uses and architectural expressions can interact and support each other? A wholeness in strong contrast to the dispersed and fragmented development that in its structure lack conditions for interrelationships.
In our discussion today we found that in order to improve Auroville's possibilities to face the challenges of development in the future the role of the study circle would inevitably be to help in formulating proposals for the reviewing of the Land Use Plan / Master Plan primarily within the following areas:

  • mixed land uses

  • mobility

  • public spaces

  • phasing of development

Demands of a new time spirit

In the years to come proposals could be worked out in these different fields. However, that would demand commitment by the participants and more interaction with the community at large and a more efficient organisation. Otherwise it is simply not possible to manage this work of remoulding the Master Plan to answer closer to a new time spirit.


We also spoke of the possibility of the study circle finding a function within the ongoing work on the Master Plan and whether the Planning group could accept such a critical and analysing function within the working order of the Master Plan. That is still left to be seen.

The study circle will now meet once every second week.

for the Study Circle team

Home > The City > Planning the Township > City Study Circle > Report - April 19th, 2002