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AnupamaCame to Auroville in 1990.
Graduated from J.J college of Architecture, Bombay, in 1989.
After working for a year in Bombay moved to Auroville.

Architectural design; town planning and innovative urban management studies, training of students; introduction of architectural education to rural students with no background; research and experimentation with construction & infrastructure technologies for sustainable development; technology transfer outside of Auroville; hands-on workshops and seminars in schools, institutions, universities etc; architectural journalism.

1990-92: Earliest works were residential buildings executed in the first two years in Auroville which were a search for climate responsive architectural solutions.

1992-95: Worked in Berlin, Germany shortly after the wall came down, where there was a big construction boom, on architectural competitions, conservation, renovation and modernisation of historic buildings, social housing, etc.

1996: Return to Auroville, and since then involved in building up 'Kolam', an architecture, design and construction unit.


Juanita's House
Pierre's House
Anupama's House
Paul's house, Auromodele
Karen & Gerald's House, Petite Ferme
Hemant's House, Petite Ferme
Caretaker's House, Spirit Sense
Fired House, Spirit Sense
Ried House, Pondicherry
Hay House, Pondicherry
Abbassi house, Pondicherry

Health services
Sub-Health Centre, Rayaputhupakkam
Sub-Health Centre, Appirampattu
Sub-Health Centre, Thuruvai
Sub-Health Centre, Poothurai
Yoga Centre and Residences, Mulshi, Pune
Yoga Hall - Petite Ferme, Auroville
Animal Dispensary and Residences, Dayakara Trust, Edayanchavadi

Public buildings

Town hall annexe
Auroville Village Action Training center, Irumbai
Nature interpretation centre, Mundanthorai
Keystone Centre, Kotagiri
Child Line Centre, Thiruvanamalai
Life Line Centre, Thiruvanamalai
Arul Vazhi School, Promesse, Auroville
Sri Aurobindo World Center of Human Unity, Auroville
Completion and restoration of Bharat Nivas Complex, Auroville

Guest houses
Forest Rest House, Mundanthorai
Swagatham Guest House, Auroville

Sangamam housing, Auroville
Creativity Housing, Auroville

Research: Completed a research fellowship in July 99, awarded by Vastu Shilpa Foundation for 'Urban eco-community design and analysis for sustainability'.

Applied Research:
Hay house, Pondicherry - Solar Air conditioning using roof pond concept of Harold Hay.
Fired house technique using coal dust instead of wood for firing.
Insulated roofing technology using no structural steel and hollow terracotta tube modules.
Insulated roofing technology for flat roof using extruded trapezoidal hollow tubes.

Planning: 1999, as member of Land Use Co-ordination Group, been actively involved in preparation & approval of the perspective plan 2025 for Auroville based on which a detailed development plan is being prepared under the European Union project of Asia Urbs with participation from municipalities of Cologne & Venice.

Awards: The Indian Architect and Builder Award for 'Promising young Architect'
The J.K.Cement 'Architect of the year' Award under the category 'Best Young Architect for work in the states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.'

Contact: anupama@auroville.org.in


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