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You are an Indian Aurovilian, what's the story about coming and growing up and being educated in Auroville?

That's a long one. Auroville is a great place, you know, if you had an educational security to be able to  do your education to the 12th year instead of hanging around like I did. Then it's worth it. I had to go out to do my 12th standard, in the US. Doing your education up to the 12th should be mandatory, and then do what you want. I mean being wild and hippie is fun, - one should do something worthwhile too in one's  life.

As an AV kid, how do you remember the "good old days"?

The good old days were really good, but they are long gone now.

You've been out of AV (US, Europe); what's the difference and similarity in your point of view?

There is no difference, except the social service in the West is much more developed than in India.

If you would be part of an Auroville "government" what would you try to change first?

 I was part  of the Auroville Govt. I realised that all the old hats should fade away and let the new and younger people take over.

How do you see yourself in, say, ten years from now?

Who knows.

And the last one, what are your hobbies?

Website designing, graphic designing, trying not to think.

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