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List of Funding Agencies

International Organisations
Foreign Governments & Governmental Organisations
Foreign Non-Governmental Organisations
Indian Government and Governmental Organisations
Indian Non-Governmental Organisations & Businesses

This list comprises funding agencies, which have supported specific research and pilot projects and programmes in Auroville and the neighbouring villages over the past decades, mainly in the field of:

  • environmental restoration

  • organic farming

  • rural development

  • education

  • health

  • renewable energy

  • appropriate building technologies

  • innovative urban planning

  • arts and culture.

Over the past decades, Auroville has received support from a considerable number of governmental and non-governmental agencies, foundations, corporate donors and private well-wishers in India and abroad.
However, the financial challenge of building a sustainable model town for a projected population of 50,000 residents, which at the same time cares for an expanding rural neighbourhood of -- at present -- 40,000 people, is immense.
This selective list comprises funding agencies, which have supported specific research and pilot projects and programmes in Auroville and the neighbouring villages.


International Organisations

  • European Commission (EC)
  • ICEF (India - Canadian Environment Facility)
  • OECD/Hunger Campaign
  • United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (UNCHS)
  • United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)



Foreign Governments & Governmental Organisations

  • BELGIUM : Algemene Belgische Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (ABOS)

  • CANADA : Canadian High Commission in India

  • DENMARK : Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA)

  • FRANCE : Ministère des Affaires Etrangères

  • GERMANY : Bundesministerium für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit
    Deutsche Welthunger Hilfe (FAO)
    Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)
    Foerdergemeinschaft Rotary Ludwigshafen
    German Agro-Action
    German Appropriate Technology Exchange(GATE)
    Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KFW)
    Ministerium für Bundes- und Europa-angelegenheiten des
    Landes Schleswig-Holstein
  • JAPAN : Japanese Embassy in India

  • NETHERLANDS: Royal Netherlands Embassy in India

  • NEW ZEALAND: New Zealand High Commission in India

  • SPAIN : Government of Navarra
    Municipality of Pamplona


  • U.K. : Overseas Development Administration (ODA now DFID)

  • USA : V.I.T.A. (Volunteers in Technical Assistance)


Foreign Non-Governmental Organisations

  • AUSTRALIA : Quaker Service Australia

  • CANADA : Centre Créatif l'Elan

  • FRANCE : Alliance Française
    Association Vitalis
    Communautés d'Emmaus
    Secours Populaire Français

    Deutsch - Indisches Kinderhilfswerk (DIK)
    Dritte Welt Kreis (DWK)
    Friedrich-Naumann Stiftung


  • ITALY : Association VIDYA
    Himalaya Trust

  • JAPAN : Human Performance Institute

  • NETHERLANDS: Stichting de Zaaier

  • SPAIN : Fundacion Centro Sri Aurobindo

  • U.K. : Commonwealth Human Ecology Council (CHEC)
    Findhorn Foundation

  • U.S.A. : Earthstewards Network
    Foundation for World Education
    Infinity Foundation
    Institute of Evolutionary Research
    Matagiri Centre
    Merriam Hill Centre
    Sri Aurobindo's Action Centre
    Threshold Foundation
    Trickle-up Program
    Turtle Island Fund


Indian Government and Governmental Organisations

Government of India

  • Building Material & Technology Promotion Council (BMTPC)

  • Ministry of Education

  • Ministry of Environment

  • Ministry of Human Resource Development

  • Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources

  • Ministry of Rural Development

  • Ministry of Science and Technology

  • Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO)

  • Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR)

  • Indian Navy

  • Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA)

  • National Wasteland Development Board (NWDB)

Pondicherry Government

  • District Rural Development Agency (DRDA)

Tamil Nadu Government

  • Tamil Fund

  • Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency (TEDA)

  • Tamil Nadu Family Welfare Board

  • Tamil Nadu Social Welfare Board

  • Tamil Nadu State Forest Department

  • TRYSEM Programme


Indian Non-Governmental Organisations & Businesses

  • All India Books
  • Aurofood
  • Auroshikha
  • Bombay Natural History Society
  • Credit Himatsingka
  • Indian Oil Corporation
  • Indian Tobacco Company
  • Janagri
  • J.R.D.Tata Trust
  • Modi Charitable Trust
  • New Horizon Sugar Mills
  • Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
  • Sri Aurobindo's Action
  • Sri Aurobindo Memorial Fund
  • Sri. Dorabji Tata Trust
  • Sri. Ratan Tata Trust
  • Tata Energy Research Institute

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