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A new sub Health Centre
building at Poothurai


In the village of Poothurai about 13 kilometers from here, two health workers, Lakshmi and Vijayalakshmi conduct antenatal clinics, home visits, referral and following up those undergoing medical treatment. They also take turns in organising consultations by a team from the Health Centre comprising of a doctor, a nurse, and a laboratory technician, visiting  once  every  week. A fee of Rs.3 is collected for consulting the doctor. Basic laboratory tests, wound dressings and a small variety of essential medicines are provided free of cost. The clinic is also used every evening to provide wound dressing and first aid, for antenatal clinics, primary dental care, and periodic clinics by a dentist. Over the years various doctors, beginning with Dr Assumpta to Dr.Shano at present, have been offering consultations here. On an average, about 30 patients attend the clinic. About 70 people come for first aid and dressings every week

Our clinic at Poothurai village, has been conducted regularly  since 1996. The clinic was started  in the village panchayat building from where it has been operating until last month . To build the new sub centre village participation was actively encouraged with 10%of the cost collected by the villagers. The village leaders and elders selected and suggested the place where the building was constructed (see picture). It was inaugurated last month in a small  function on the auspicious Ganesh pooja day.

We would like to thank the government of Navarra (Spain) for funding  this effort. We are also grateful to Morris of  Village Action Group and Joseba of AVI Spain for helping facilitate the process and to Kolam for design and construction of the building.




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