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Photo by Giorgio



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Phone : 2622803 email : ihs@auroville.org.in

Location : Kailash Community (separate entrance at the back )

Directions : from Solar Kitchen take the Crown Road towards Surrender/Arka for 50m then turn right.

For : Aurovilians, Newcomers and registered Guests only


The aim of the newly created Integral Health Services (IHS) is to establish and ensure the continuous provision of quality healthcare in Auroville.

The IHS will work in an integrative manner to provide a comprehensive and holistic healthcare service to all Aurovilians, Newcomers and Guests.


Kailash Clinic is a pilot project of the Integral health Services.

It is right in the middle of Auroville, functioning since the 14th of July 2008.

It is based on an interdisciplinary approach to medicine.

It is providing doctor's consultations, first aid and wound dressing in the morning and complementary therapies in the afternoons.



 Consultation and treatment schedule







Home > Health > Kailash Clinic

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