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Accessible Auroville Policy Announcement








L'avenir d'Auroville would like to inform all about the adopted resolution on ‘accessibility in built & un built environment' in Auroville. Auroville, in past, had already received an official communication from concerned Government Authorities that Auroville development also need to comply with ‘appropriate National Building Code Accessibility Regulations'. Residents may be also recall there is already one very active resource group, ‘Accessible Auroville Team', is working towards this and in association with ‘Samarthyam' (National Centre for Accessible Environments, Delhi) had organised a workshop in Auroville in October 2009 and has suggested following key points to be taken into account while designing and implementing various types of building/development projects in Auroville.

As per the basic non-negotiable access elements to be defined in a building are as follows:

1. Accessible route

2. Ramps at entrance and exit

3. Handrails on steps and ramps

4. Signages supplemented with Braille and pictograms

5. All doors – minimum 900 mm wide

6. Anti skid flooring in circulation areas, rooms and toilets

7. Accessible drinking water  unit

8. One accessible unisex toilet in building (in case of building above three floors, accessible toilet should be provided on alternate floors)

9. Guest houses- At least two rooms on ground floor with attached toilet and bathing facility

10. In the new communities coming up is suggested to create 2 accessible flats on the ground floor

Please note that Samarthyam is revising the ‘Code' with Min istry of Urban Development & a reference copy of the same is being provided on AVNET. It is very comprehensive and covers all aspects. One can also have a look at the brochure on Assistive devices and bathroom accessories which Samarthyam is offering on AVNET.

Please get in touch with ‘Accessible Auroville Team' accessibleauroville@auroville.org.in & L'avenir d'Auroville avenir@auroville.org.in for any further clarifications and suggestions in this regard. From now on, above mentioned key points would be included in the checklist of Building Application Process and suitable design provisions would be checked at the time of granting the permission. Let us build & develop for ‘all'. Thanks and regards – L'avenir d'Auroville & ‘Accessible Auroville Team'


Home > Health > Accessible Auroville > Accessible Auroville Policy Announcement

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