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On  15 September at  LEC the video “Auroville Without Barriers” was screened for the first time in Auroville.

It  follows  an average day when Alex from Italy  visits Auroville. He is 35 years old and has had MS since he was 13.  He is confined to wheelchair  yet  he travels all over the world by himself. He has come to India seven times and this is his third visit to Auroville. 

Considering the aging population of Auroville, and those here with temporary or permanent disabilities, we followed him  to find what was easy for him and what was impossible. 

This gives a realistic portrayal of our actual situation on the ground in Auroville.

Alex  never complains in spite of his disease,  even when his wheelchair falls,  he never gives up. Even with a smile he continues.

After the screening, Aurovilians expressed feedback.  There was constructive discussion and suggestions because the video illustrated so clearly common problems we will all experience in time. 
The recent sad experiences of an Aurovilian were shared, she was in wheelchair and forced to pee in her pants due to no accessible toilet.
Witnessing Alex’s daily persevering efforts to experience  Auroville,  seeing the lack  of access,  a concerted effort to bring architectonic  awareness to our community WILL BENEFIT ALL.
The audience expressed appreciation for raising awareness of architectonic barriers. We all agreed the first necessary step is to pull down the mental barriers.
All present expressed cooperation to make Auroville “Accessible to All”. 

Accessible Auroville – LEC

Home > Health > Accessible Auroville > LEC report

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