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Auroville's development is inextricably intertwined with the surrounding villages, which are classified as part of a "most backward area in need of development" by the Tamil Nadu Government. There are 13 villages in the immediate area of Auroville, comprising about 40,000 people, and altogether 40 villages in the bioregional area. Some 350 people from the surrounding villages have joined or been born in Auroville.

Almost 5,000 local people are employed by Auroville, from sweepers to engineers; most of them have been trained in Auroville to improve their qualifications and skills. Most important is that Auroville provides for the young of this rural area a real and viable alternative to the migration to the cities and urban centers, which is so often the only option for those seeking self improvement and employment.

  • More than 500 children from neighbouring villages attend Auroville schools; another 900 are touched by Auroville classes in their village schools;

  • More than 20,000 patients from the neighbouring villages receive health care from Auroville every year.

  • More than 14 crores of rupees or approx. US$ 5,000,000 were given last year into the local economy.

Over the past 13 years, the Auroville village development groups (AVAG, Health Centre, Pitchandikulam, Palmyra) have been engaged in a development program for the neighbouring villagers. With funding from a number of national and international organizations, this program aims at:

  • improving the health situation through education, preventive care and treatment; empowering women;

  • encouraging in each village the growth of community spirit by ensuring people's participation in developmental programs;

  • raising the standard of living of the local population through vocational training and self-employment;
    involving the villagers in a cooperative effort of wasteland reclamation, watershed management and environmental regeneration;

  • providing education to the village children.

At present, there are five major educational programmes for village children:

and a programme that sends animators to the village schools for regular classes and special activities.

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