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Cyclone update

January 11th, 2012

Cyclone Thane and LRM, update





The rain and wind had barely died down, when LRM joined the community in the rescue and salvage work. The focus for the first 2 days was to reopen road access on the major arteries and then to the communities. Attention then shifted to public spaces like schools and kitchens. At the same time, in collaboration with the Cyclone Help Desk, a large number of “tree on roof” and “no access” issues were addressed.


Work has now shifted to the cleanup and salvage of valuable wood. For the last 10 days up to 45 persons, including Road Service, Matrimandir, LRM Field workers and hired help have been at it from 0700H to 1800H for cutting and loading. Almost 350 tractor trailer loads have been shifted to the LRM yard, and there will still be many more to come. A process to evaluate this timber as an asset of Auroville is currently underway.


The volume of work is enormous and will take some time. LRM and other related groups are working on ideas to optimize the resource. One such idea that is materializing is an Auroville wood co-op and sawmill that is envisioned to be a service unit as a collaboration led by the Forest Group. The challenges now are to continue with the collection, categorization and segregation of the lumber at its disposal.
We remind all individuals not to sell or exchange wood, but rather to put your communities on the list for collection.
There is a need for capable Aurovilians to come forward and help with work prioritizing, organization and supervision. If you feel you have such capacities and some time to offer, please contact Arun or Sandeep in LRM or write to avcrt@auroville.org.in.

In collaboration,
The LRM Team


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