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Guest introduction tours

updated August 2013



Auroville does not want to encourage indiscriminate tourism.

Visitors and guests who are seriously interested in Auroville are suggested and invited to spend at least 10 days here, and participate in the guest introduction tours, which are the best way to start an understanding of Auroville.

You will find it worthwhile.

Welcome to Auroville !


Guest introduction tours and seminars


Exploring Auroville
with Ambre


Visiting Auroville
with Veronique


Visites d'introduction à


Auroville Retreat



Russian translation

Strolling along through the Auroville area may be difficult for guests who have freshly arrived. Often the residents are stopped on the road to hear the question: "Where is Auroville, please?" while one happens to be right in the middle of the township! The problem is that the city, besides one main tar road winding through the area, still mainly consists of a network of larger and smaller but always sandy roads and paths.. From time to time new sign boards with names of the various services or settlements may appear, - to somehow, mysteriously, disappear again..

Introduction for guests, students and future newcomers

A pretty comprehensive first insight into Auroville can be obtained during the 'Guest Introduction programmes which are organised during the Auroville 'guest season', from November till April. Interested people who want to get some idea and peep behind the curtains are invited to participate. Also for newcomers this is an interesting tour to follow.

Well-informed Aurovilians, Ambre guides you through three days of information and fun, Veronique offers personalized tours, and "Inside India" guides visitors with several introduction programs and seminars. If requested beforehand, the Introduction programs can be organised for specific groups. 


A contribution is requested.

This includes lunch, tea and snacks.

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