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left to right: Loetta &Swar, Katerine, Segar & Charu
bottom: Partha & Nico



by Rabindranath Tagore

This story is particularly relevant to the world today, where countries are at war, or contemplating in earnest the terrible choice of violence as a way to solve conflicts. In "Sacrifice", a good king realises he must help his people to see that there is another choice - that the goddess Kali no longer demands blood sacrifice. It is the power of the voice of a child which opens his heart, showing him another way and offering redemption from the perpetual motion of horror and bloodshed that war demands. Of course he immediately meets opposition by those who do not want to give up the "old ways" of worship. Many questions arise: Does he have the right to impose his new vision on the people? Can one small voice make a difference? How do we let go
of old habits and ways of thinking?


Actors: Loretta, Nico, Swar, Anandamayi, Partha, Charu, Segar, Boobalan, Kathrin, Nana and Thanajayan

Designers: Jean L.- Lighting, Uma - Costumes, Aron - Set, Puskar - Music selections

Photos: Monique

Director: Jill

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Home > Art & Culture  > Theatre > The Auroville Theatre Group > Sacrifice

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