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Marie Claire and GuyAurovilians Guy Dinet, executive of 'Radiance', and Marie Claire Barsotti, designer, are both French and have been working together since 1996.

When they met in Auroville that year, Guy was manufacturing paper lamps for famous French designers Tse-Tse in Paris, while Marie-Claire had opened a design gallery 'Elements' in 'Le Marais', also in Paris. There she displayed products designed by her and her associate Cedric Troadec which were mainly manufactured in India.
Subsequently, Radiance started developing a series of products for Elements and as well as for other French designers such as Celine Wright (who works for Roche-Bobois), Zapacco, Ombre Portee, Anne Chedeville and P.A design.

Interior decoration

In 1998, in collaboration with Mr. Ananda, architect from 'Auroform' (Pondicherry), Radiance developed a new activity: interior decoration in apartments, houses and castles in different Indian cities.
During these last years, the team has been supplying its customers with exclusive curtains, blinds, carpets, paintings, lamps and objects made in different materials such as glass, wood, granite, soap stone, candle wax, metal and handmade paper designed specially for them by Radiance and mainly manufactured in Auroville.

Keeping local skills alive

Radiance is now planning to develop the enterprise by exporting these items. In their gradually expanding field of activity, the team remains loyal to its original principle and concern: to keep local traditional skills and techniques alive, adapting them to modern design.


N.B Guarantee is given that no child labour is involved in the manufacture of Radiance's products.


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Home  > Art & Culture > Craft & Design > Radiance

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